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descon sanitizer distributeur lahore

Descon - Corporate Social Responsibility- descon sanitizer distributeur lahore ,Sep 21, 2020·Descon Donates Sanidol (Sanitizer/Disinfectant) to CCPO Lahore and IG Punjab. Descon took another step in the battle against the corona pandemic. BARD Launches Corona Relief Fund. The last few days have been quite intense for everyone. We are facing an unprecedented situation which none of us has witnessed in our lifetimes.descon sanitizer lahore distributerDescon took another step in the battle against the corona pandemic. Descon donated 2500 kg Sanidol to CCPO, Lahore and 2500 kg to IG Punjab. Given the recent pandemic outbreak and the shortage of sanitizers/disinfectants, Descon took the initiative to donate a sizeable amount of Sanidol to these esteemed institutions. Contact the supplier

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Sep 21, 2020·Contact Person: Mr. Kashif Mehmood : Contact Number: 92-42-35116911, 35116811, 35118411 : 0333-42348

descon sanitizer distribuidor lahore

LAHORE - Descon, being a socially responsible corporate entity, has donated 10,000 kg Sanidol to the Punjab government. The event took place on March 20, 2020, and was attended by Sardar Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister of Punjab, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Provincial Minister for Health, Imran Qureshi, CEO Descon Oxychem Ltd besides others.

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descon sanitizer distributeur lahore. LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Mar, 2020 ) :A delegation of Descon Oxychem Limited led by its Chief Executive Officer Imran Qureshi called on the Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at the chief minister's office, on Sunday and donated 10 thousand kilogram sanitizer for the public ...

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Mar 24, 2020·Descon Launches Sanidol (Sanitizer/Disinfectant) In these extremely testing and crucial times, while we are battling the global pandemic of COVID19 and we face a shortage of sanitizers/disinfectants, Descon Oxychem Limited has decided to launch Sanidol (sanitizer/disinfectant).

descon sanitizer lahore distributeur

International distributors of hand sanitizers in Pakistan- descon sanitizer lahore distributeur ,Descon - Chemicals - Distributors. Contact Person: Mr.Adamjee Junaid Makda : Contact Number: 021-32434805, 32435805, 32436805 : 0321-8275587.

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